New Rochelle Dermatologist Releases New Book On Radiant Skin

NEW ROCHELLE, N.Y. --Alan Dattner, MD,  born and raised in New Rochelle --the same place where he currently resides and sees patients  -- has long been a pioneer in integrating nutrition, dermatology, applied kinesiology, and holistic medicine into his dermatology practice. 

Dr. Alan Dattner recently published "Radiant Skin From the Inside Out."

Dr. Alan Dattner recently published "Radiant Skin From the Inside Out."

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In practice more than 30 years, he has written numerous scientific articles but now, for the first time, has a consumer-oriented book due out Monday, Feb. 22.

In "Radiant Skin From the Inside Out," Dr. Dattner offers secrets to achieving vibrant skin at any age using completely natural means. In celebration of the launch, he spoke to Daily Voice, offering three natural winter skin solution tips.

  • To avoid dry skin, bathe less often, for a shorter amount of time, with water that is less hot, and soap only where you need it most. "The colder it is outside, the lower the humidity of the air you heat up indoors," he explained. "So moisture will evaporate out of your skin into the drier air. Bathing will wash off the salts that hold moisture, and the oils and waxes that make the barrier to hold in your skin moisture, leading to dry skin."
  • When you do need to take those long and fluffy bubble baths, be sure to apply creams or oils to your skin after bathing, while your skin is still damp, to seal in the moisture. Wetting the skin and applying oils can be done at other times, or creams can be used. 
  • Exposure to sun, wind, and biting cold air results in redness of the face and if done repeatedly, such as by skiing with unprotected skin, you can develop enlarged blood vessels on the face. To avoid doing so, be sure to cover your face with a physical barrier like a ski mask when heading out in the cold air for long periods of time. Said Dr. Dattner: "This is an often-forgotten but very simple step to take to keep that youthful appearance of your skin."

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