School District In Westchester Seeks Feedback On Proposed Dress Code

A Westchester County school district is mulling over the idea of a newly proposed dress code.

Irvington schools are seeking the public's feedback
Irvington schools are seeking the public's feedback Photo Credit: File photo

The Irvington School District is seeking the public’s feedback as they determine whether a new dress code would help “promote and provide an environment that supports student learning, while allowing for students to express their individuality.”

“It is important that the dress code reflects the beliefs of the school community and be updated as necessary,” school officials stated. “To this end, the district has committed to revising the existing dress code, which has been in place for many years. Through this revision, the goal is to develop a code that will provide for an environment that is conducive to learning, is applicable to students at all grade levels and is not gender-specific.”

According to the district, “student attire must not interfere with the health and safety of any student, and it must not contribute to a hostile or intimidating atmosphere for any student or have the effect of substantially disrupting school activities. This policy is intended to provide guidance to students, parents, and staff.”

The minimum requirements of the proposed dress code include: 

  • All clothing must have straps and fabric in the front, back and on the sides;
  • Clothing must cover undergarments (waistbands and bra straps excluded);
  • See-through garments must not be worn without appropriate coverage underneath that meet the minimum requirements of the dress code;
  • Headwear such as hats, hoodies, and caps are not permitted unless for a religious or medical purpose and must allow the face to be visible and not interfere with the line of sight to any student or staff;
  • Clothing must be suitable for all scheduled classroom activities including but not limited to physical education, science labs, PLTW, art, and other activities where unique hazards exist;
  • Shoes must be worn at all times.

Additional requirements include:

  • Clothing may not depict, advertise or advocate the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other controlled substances;
  • Clothing may not depict violent language or images of firearms, profanity, pornography, nudity or sexual acts;
  • Clothing may not use or depict hate speech, or images or language that creates a hostile or intimidating environment by targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, weight, or any other protected groups;
  • Clothing, including gang identifiers, must not threaten the health or safety of any other student or staff.

Those interested in providing feedback can do so here

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