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Here's Where You Can Find Most, Least Sexy Accents Across US

Billy Joel still has his Long Island accent and lives there too.
Billy Joel still has his Long Island accent and lives there too. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

You can pat yourself on the back and not hide in shame if "Y'all" is a word likely to come out of your mouth.

In fact, Texan and southern drawls were voted as the most attractive accent in the nation in a new survey of 1.5 million social media followers of travel company Big 7.

But if you come from "Lawnguyland," you might want to get to work on covering up what was voted as the "least sexy accent." In fact, that famous dialect came in dead last at No. 50 in the survey, finishing behind No. 49 New Joisey -- oops, New Jersey.

Technically, two New York City boroughs - Brooklyn and Queens - are on Long Island itself. But the New York City accent checked in at No. 3.

Think Edie Falco’s "real" Long Island accent in the "Soprano's." She also grew up on the island and still retains much of her accent. 

Or Billy Joel, who still sports his Long Island sound, and lives there too. 

And of course, you can't forget Ray Romano’s voice that comes off with that whiny Long Islandese that was a big part of his show "Everybody Loves Raymond," was totally Long Island.  

Probably the best example of all time is Theresa Caputo, The “Long Island Medium” known for her Long Island accent almost as much as she is for talking with loved ones from beyond.

But don't feel alone, another downer accent was New Jersey, coming in at No. 49. Most voters said words like "cawfee" and the habit of dropping the "Rs," was a real turnoff.

Right in the middle were Connecticut, at No. 22, and New Orleans, at No. 25. Voters found New Orleans English was pretty sexy, but not half as appealing as Cajun, which voters considered way sexier. 

The Hudson Valley ranked a bit below that at No. 33, with this comment:  "It’s basically New England English-meets-General American and New York State."

Another survey YouGov, found pretty much the same results, with Texan and southern drawls coming in on top, and Long Island and New Jersey ranking lower.

What was different was that 20 percent of the voters found that British accents were super sexy, with French coming in behind with 13 percent of the voters in love with the language of love.

View the complete rankings here.

A funny side note, another survey,  yes, another survey, of political candidates found just the opposite with voters saying that political candidates with southern accents are viewed as less honest and intelligent than candidates with neutral accents.

And let's not forget the kids. In a 2012 University of Chicago study 10-year-olds from Chicago and Tennessee were asked to judge between northern and southern accents, and to pick which sounded “nicer,” “smarter” and “in charge.” All of the kids said the northerners were “smarter” and “in charge,” while southerners sounded “nicer.”

So Long Islanders, don't despair, you but might not sound "sexy," but people do think you are smarter than those laidback Texans and southern belles. 

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