Police Cite Driver for Suspended Registration

LEWISBORO, N.Y. – Lewisboro police cited a North Salem motorist for driving with a suspended registration Friday, and impounded the vehicle.

Police observed the vehicle make a left onto Ridgefield Avenue from Old Post Road, which is prohibited between 6 and 10 a.m., and that the motorist was talking on her cell phone. Police pulled the driver over and subsequent DMV check showed that the vehicle’s registration had been suspended May 7 due to an insurance lapse. The vehicle was towed to Bouton Mobil and the motorist is due to appear in court on Oct. 17.

In other blotter news:

SEPT. 26

Police were dispatched to Main Street in South Salem on the call of a suspicious vehicle. Upon arrival, police spoke to a resident who said that a pick-up truck stopped on the roadway and started to dump yard debris on the property across the street. The resident said he yelled that he was going to call the cops and the truck left. The resident later took police that he spoke with the person who owned the truck who said he was doing yard work for the homeowner across the street and that was where he was told to put the debris.

SEPT. 27

Police responded to a call from Robinswood Road in South Salem where a homeowner told them a driver damaged her lawn by leaving truck tire marks. The homeowner agreed to let the driver repair the lawn himself.

A business along Route 22 in Goldens Bridge told place that a large plate-glass window in front of the office on the second floor was shattered for an unknown reason. There was no sign of criminal activity.

Police were called to a Brookside Trail resident where a youngster, home alone, reported that he had heard noises upstairs and saw the curtain move in his mother’s room. The boy said the only cat inside was downstairs at the time and there were no other animals or people in the home. An officer searched the premises before finding a cat locked in a closet. Police informed the boy of the discovery and there was nothing further to report.

While on patrol on Route 35 in South Salem, a patrol car was hit by a deer. State Police responded to take the report.

SEPT. 28

A motorist driving a Toyota Prius hit a deer on Route 123, about a quarter of mile north of Elmwood Road. The deer was not killed and had run away by the time police arrived.

SEPT. 29

Police responded to Ridgefield Avenue in South Salem on the report of downed wires. Officers discovered cable wires down on a NYSEG service line. Witnesses said a truck took down the wires, but it was gone by the time police arrived. Officers requested NYSEG to come to the scene and remove the wires.

SEPT. 30

Police were dispatched to Smithridge Road on the report of a suspicious vehicle. Upon arrival, officers spoke with a motorist who stated that her car broke down at the Vista Getty station and a suspicious vehicle spooked her. The motorist said she could not describe the vehicle or its driver other than he had a “New York accent.” The motorist told police she hid in the driveway of a Smithridge Road driveway until her husband arrived. Police canvassed the area but found nothing suspicious.

While on patrol on Spring Hill Lane, police found a branch blocking the east side of the road. Officers were able to move the branch enough to make the road passable in both directions, but notified the highway department to have it removed completely.

OCT. 2

Police were on Todd Road in Goldens Bridge when they observed a car make a turn onto Route 22 and then fail to stop at the stop sign on the Exit 6A ramp. Police pulled the car over near Route 22 and the 684 overpass. The officer noticed the driver slurred his speech while speaking broken English. State Police were contacted and confirmed with field sobriety tests that the driver appeared intoxicated. Lewisboro police issued the driver a ticket for disobeying a traffic-control device and then turned custody over to State Police.

Police responded to a possible structure fire at Grandview Road and Lake Path in South Salem. Police arrived and made sure everyone was out of the residence. The Vista Fire Department responded and discovered that the home’s oil burner had malfunctioned and was shut down. Firemen checked the interior for carbon monoxide and determined the residence was safe. The oil burner was to be kept off until it could be properly serviced.

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