Peter Parsons Seeks Independent Party Nomination

LEWISBORO, N.Y. - We sat down and talked with Peter Parsons, the Democratic challenger for town supervisor who is also is also seeking the Independence Party nomination in a primary on Tuesday. We asked him some questions about his bid for the nomination as well as his qualifications and vision for the town.

What makes you the best candidate to represent the principals and spirit of the Independence Party?

I better represent the principles and spirit of the Independence Party for the same reasons as the chairman of the Independence Party gave when he endorsed our ticket: "The Independence Party reflects the frustration of voters who are tired of politics as usual, and we were impressed by the refreshing candor and straight talk of Mr. Parsons. He does not fit the mold of a typical politician. He and his running mates for town board have experienced real world success; they are doers, not just talkers. We found it invigorating to hear these candidates express their belief in prudent investment in the future of their town at a time when so many appear paralyzed with doubt. They have a real ‘can-do’ attitude."

What is the No. 1 challenge that the Town of Lewisboro is facing right now?

The biggest challenge facing Lewisboro is the need to build the sense of community necessary to enhance our quality of life while resolving the basic problems of the lack of any cushion in the Town’s checking account and a deficit in highway maintenance. We will make government more accessible to individual citizens and put those individuals’ interests ahead of parties and special interests.

What skill sets do you bring to the table that will help you face that challenge?

The skill sets I bring to the table are the result of Peter Gross, Dan Welsh and myself each having significant and successful experience as leaders in business. We know how to set goals and work towards achieving them. We have experience of managing finances and explaining them in a way people understand. We understand the importance of employees to any enterprise and that their performance depends to a great degree on there being two way communication enhanced by an open door policy. Most important perhaps are our proven leadership skills which we will use to harness the boundless enthusiasm and volunteer spirit of residents of our town.

Can Lewisboro’s fiscal problems be remedied without raising taxes?

My goal is to avoid raising taxes. To do this we will need to search for increased efficiency while exploring what services, equipment and facilities we can share with other towns and our school district. At the same time I do not plan to allow a decline in Lewisboro’s quality of life or its fundamental infrastructure. I look forward to constructive debate where we clearly lay out our financial choices to the citizens of the town and then listen hard to what they tell us.

What is the town of Lewisboro’s biggest asset and why do think so?

A long two weeks ago, I would have said that Lewisboro’s greatest asset was the outstanding natural beauty of its woodland watersheds, streams and lakes together with its trails where I love to roam. The last two weeks of storm and clean-up have served to remind me that we have a greater asset – our people. The way our volunteer firemen, our highway crews, our maintenance department, parks and recreation staff who worked with seniors and our police responded together with the performance of their leaders was quite simply outstanding and made me proud to be a part of this town. 

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