Bedford Pastry Chef Loses $17,000 Bank Deposit

BEDFORD, N.Y. – Thursday morning started out like any other day for pastry chef Michel Rossignal, but it turned out to be one of the worst days of his life.

Rossignal, the owner of Bedford Village Pastry and a South Salem resident, was getting ready to head off to work when placed his business’s bank deposit and payroll on the top of his car as he loaded a ladder into the back seat. He then headed down Route 123, forgetting the money was still there.

Just like that, the money – some $12,000 in cash and $5,000 in checks – was gone.

“It was a stupid thing; I just didn’t think.” Rossignal said.

Rossignal said he didn’t realize his mistake until he got to his bakery shop in Bedford.

“I went back to the car to get some stuff and I realized,” he said. “I called my girlfriend who was back at home, and I called the police.”

Rossignal said he was able to recover one employee’s payroll and an additional $160 in cash that he found in the bushes around his house. He says he thinks he knows what happen to the rest.

“It wasn’t in a bag; it was just wrapped in rubber bands,” he said. “I think it fell off the car as I was driving down the road and the car behind me ran over it and, pfffft – it went everywhere.”

Rossignal reached out to the media in hopes of drawing attention to his plight. He said Channel 12 has run several segments about his costly faux pas. He is offering a $1,200 reward for anyone who finds and returns the money. So far, his efforts have been in vain.

“There is nothing I can do, and it’s hard to forget about it,” he said. “Especially the way I earn my money – it’s very hard work.”

Asked what his next move will be, Rossignal said, “I’ll have to work harder than I ever have to get it back.”

Anyone who has information about the lost money can call Bedford Village Pastry at 914-734-9555.

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