South Salem Woman Teaches Secrets of a Good Life

SOUTH SALEM, N.Y. — Lauren Zander of South Salem works with individuals and corporations all over the world to help people “design their life versus get stuck dealing with their life.” Zander is the co-founder of the Handel Group, an executive coaching and life coaching company, with her sister, Beth Weissenberger. She believes people don’t know how to deal with things deep about themselves for a variety of reasons.

With more than 25 coaches among its 60 employees, the Ridgefield-based Handel Group works with individuals and corporations all over the world, including AOL, the New York Times, Apple and even the U.S. government. “In corporations we remove the gossip and the drama," Zander said. "We combat what doesn’t work about human nature with a sense of humor. By being self-deprecating, we shift how we act and interact.”

The Handel Group is working with universities to work into the curriculum some courses about how to really live. Zander has been teaching at MIT for about six years, and the Handel Group is also working with Stanford, New York University, Columbia University and Rutgers. “We teach college students about personal integrity and being in touch with themselves,” she said. “The more you take care of your own life, the more you can deal with everything else.”

Weissenberger says Zander, her younger sister, is her hero because of the many people helped each year. “This is her vision,” Weissenberger says. She works on the corporate side of the Handel Group — the sisters’ maiden name. “There is a language of designing your life and personal integrity," Weissenberger says. "We slow everybody down for a moment. We are interested in finding a balance for people.”

Zander combines her more than two decades of experience with the vast content the Handel Group has developed to work at the level needed by each client. It has specific programs for corporations, universities and individuals dealing with weight loss, a change of life and more. Zander says, “Our whole method is personal.”

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