Letter: Lewisboro Town Clerk Is A Simple Choice

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To the Editor:

Selecting the Lewisboro Town Clerk should be simple! Janet Donohue has been a resident of Lewisboro with her husband for 15 years and has two daughters in our school system. She was the assistant town clerk and stepped up when needed to take on the task as town clerk.

I know Janet to be a warm, caring, generous member of our community, always attending school and town events and usually volunteering her time and energy. As the current town clerk, Janet continues to do excellent work, executing her duties with every task managed effectively and efficiently.   

Has any one of us seen or heard anything that would make us question Janet’s dedication, commitment, and ability to perform her duties? Janet Donohue is currently doing the job and is a highly effective town clerk. Why would we want to even consider a change?  Vote Janet Donohue for Lewisboro Town Clerk on Nov.  6.

Eric SherrCross River

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