Five Questions: Greer Runs for Harrison Clerk

HARRISON, N.Y. - The Daily Harrison will be compiling candidate portraits leading up to the Nov. 8 general elections by asking candidates the same five questions.

Jackie Greer, 48, a life-long Harrison resident and former Parson's Memorial School PTA president, is campaigning for Harrison's town clerk. She's endorsed by the Republican Party and was chosen to replace the late Town Clerk Joe Acocella, who was the original Republican candidate until his death in early August.

In her own words, here's how Greer described her campaign:

Why would you be a good representative in the coming term?

The person who occupies the office of town clerk isn't really a representative but rather a servant to the people. That will always be foremost in my mind. I will never forget that I was elected to serve the residents of our community.

So, what would make me a good public servant? 28 years of administrative experience. I've worked for Fortune 100 businesses and owned my own successful business with my husband, who has since passed away.

I've worked in environments that required confidentiality, accuracy, speed and, of course, courtesy. The office of the clerk will be a familiar environment. I not only have the experience, I have the skill set required to perform the tasks at hand.

If elected, what are the three biggest goals you'd work to accomplish?

Looking to the future I have set three immediate goals for the clerk's office.

My first goal will be to utilize process improvement tools to institute efficient and economic methods of bringing about an even higher level of service. I have the experience to review and evaluate the different functions and processes within the clerk's office to find opportunities for improvement. Improvements, even small improvements, will ultimately save time, money and result in better service to both the residents and the various town departments.

My second goal will be to evaluate where and how today's technologies can create cost effective savings. With the current economic climate it's very important to compare the costs of any new technology to the actual benefits received. To put it simply: If I spend money on technology, it has to save money! Now is not the time to spend any money on "Nice to have" toys and gadgets. Putting our resident's information online for all to view must be evaluated and approved by our legal experts. Transparency is important but not at the risk of peoples safety and security.

My third goal will be to develop a resident feedback system. The best test of performance is how the residents rate the services provided by the clerk's office. Three key measurements will be accessibility, accountability and transparency.

Has the local government made any mistakes or had any oversights that you'd try to avoid?

I'm a very positive person. I tend to see the glass as always being half full. I love Harrison. There is nowhere on earth I would rather be. There is no place else I would raise my daughter.

I'm very concerned about the welfare of our senior citizens, people with disabilities and those less fortunate than the majority of us who live in Harrison. I know that under Joe Acocella, the clerk's office was brought from quill and sheepskin to Twitter and Web-based customer service. I have the skills to continue those efforts.

So, I guess to sum it up, I would be a positive force. I know that Ron Belmont will stop the divide-and-conquer mentality and bring our town together. I want to be part of that refreshing change.

What specifically makes you different from your opponent?

That's easy, one word separates us: experience. Voters will choose between two good people who have Harrison's best interest at heart. But that in itself is not enough. Experience, maturity, dedication, and leadership abilities are important prerequisites when seeking the position of town clerk. My opponent touts his computer skills. Well, when he's done with that, at 23 years old, what else does he bring to the table? Again, I have 28 years of experience.

What's the best part about Harrison?

Harrison's greatest asset is our people. We have the most dynamic community. There are so many wonderful places and groups. From Merritt Hill on Lake Street to the Old Mill on Love Lane, Harrison has everything.

It's unfortunate that Harrison is landlocked. To make up for that, we have the greatest public pools in Westchester. From the Friends of the Opera to the Shield and Cross Motorcycle Club and all the wonderful volunteer groups, religious denominations, civic organizations and social societies, Harrison can't be beat. The reason it's great to live in Harrison is our strong belief in community. We can make our image shine even brighter if the Belmont Team is elected on Nov. 8, 2011.

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