Belmont Looks Ahead as Next Harrison Mayor

HARRISON, N.Y. - Ron Belmont's intentions didn't change after the dust settled from Tuesday's election, sweeping Harrison Democrats from office. If unofficial County Board of Elections numbers hold up, Belmont will be the Town's mayor starting in 2012.

"I want to put things in the right direction now," Belmont said, as the initial celebrations of his declared victory subsided. "We all have to work together as a board. There are no more sides or difference."

Belmont's campaign promise to restore Harrison's "once great image" remained at the forefront of his plans the day after Election Day. Tuesday's election saw Belmont's political team oust all Harrison Democrats out of office, resulting in a five-to-none Republican town board.

Belmont's headquarters Tuesday night erupted in applause when the former recreation department supervisor declared victory, cheering for a Belmont and Republican-controlled board.

The Walsh Team's Row-A ticket included town council candidates Howard Hollander and Pat Vetere and town clerk candidate Frank Corvino (D), who received fewer votes than Belmont Team council candidates Stephen Malfitano, Fred Sciliano and clerk candidate Jackie Greer (R).

Harrison Chamber of Commerce President Ada Angarano was on the front lines of the ruckus, grinning ear-to-ear over Belmont's success.

"Harrison has been given a new beginning and with our new administration, our town will be brought back to greatness," Angarano said.

Harrison activist Lucille Held was at Democratic headquarters as the polls closed, showing Belmont as the clear leader.

"It's a shame to see this happen," Held said. "Some residents who voted for Belmont voted for financial reasons. They voted against their own pocket books."


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