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Sleepy Hollow Insurance Agent Weighs In On Cost Of Weighing More

Linda Rey, partner of Rey Insurance Agency in Sleepy Hollow, has made great strides in weight loss with Can't Lose Diet of Harrison.
Linda Rey, partner of Rey Insurance Agency in Sleepy Hollow, has made great strides in weight loss with Can't Lose Diet of Harrison. Photo Credit: Sherry Bruck

HARRISON, N.Y. -- Linda Rey, partner of Rey Insurance Agency in Sleepy Hollow, describes it as the “come to Jesus” moment when she has to bring up the “health issue” to clients when pricing out insurance premiums. 

Insurance is typically considered a dry topic, but Rey is one of those people who can make anything fun. She is a lively, articulate professional, who is regularly seen about the Westchester business scene — locally famous for her mix of witty social media posts about everything but insurance!

That’s because Linda knows that no one likes to talk about insurance —it’s one of those ugly chores you have to take care of as a responsible adult — so she approaches the topic in a roundabout way.

“Insurance agents make people focus on what they’d rather avoid—death, illness, and health problems. I guess that’s why we can be unpopular,” says Rey with a grimace. “I’m a naturally social person with lots of outside interests, so I find it comfortable to carry that forward online.”

Although she jokes about it, Rey herself is not immune to the struggle to keep her weight in the healthy BMI zone coveted by the insurance carriers. She started a Facebook page called “Westchester Weighs In” two years ago, posting regular challenges to motivate her circle of influence. She feels passionate because she sees first-hand how health issues cost people more money.

“There’s no doubt about it. When we are writing a policy for life or disability insurance, health is the number one criteria. And the biggest evaluation variable is weight. Being labeled obese will automatically drop the insured down a tier or two or more, causing premiums to sometimes double,” says Rey.

“It’s an unwelcome truth, but being overweight will also cost you more in co-pays at the doctor’s office, more to buy medication, more for healthcare premiums and deductibles,” states Rey.

“There’s a real cost factor beyond vanity to care about your BMI and metabolic age,” she adds, “That’s why I’ve always been active and weight conscious, but I’ve only recently succeeded in getting to the next level given my age, when I started on the Can’t Lose Diet.”

“I started the plan in late August and my BMI is already down to 24.8, below the magic 25.0 cut-off number and into the “healthy” zone. Insurance companies judge by the BMI (Body Mass Index). I don’t like to think of it as a diet — I like to think it’s a food plan. I have a list of real food that promotes fat burning and detoxing. I learned how to eat and think differently about food especially the concept of nourishment vs.entertainment.”

“It’s a weird phenomenon — even though we may be more active, we are unhealthier. I blame big pharma for over-dependency on medications, and the food industry for adding preservatives and chemicals into our food supply. It messes with the wiring. We all need to focus more on what we are feeding our bodies.”

“I’ve been so successful on the Can’t Lose Diet I’ve decided that Rey Insurance Agency will sponsor a Workshop on Nov. 11 at 5:30 at the W@tercooler, titled “Find Out What You’re Made Of." Can’t Lose Diet owner Pat Hall will provide free body scans to all attendees so they can find out the facts about their body make-up — things like BMI, metabolic age, fat and water levels, physique rating and more,” concludes Rey. “I’m excited to be able to create awareness of a plan that works fast and works well.”

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