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Shedding Pounds Is No “Weighting Game” In Harrison’s Can’t Lose Diet

Don't delay starting a lifestyle change with your diet because of a busy calendar
Don't delay starting a lifestyle change with your diet because of a busy calendar Photo Credit: Contributed by Sherry Bruck

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, N.Y. -- Two years after hip surgery, Franziska Dubac was suffering from swollen ankles that impeded her daily activity and love of walking. A 30 pound weight gain didn't help with the swollen ankles, and the swollen ankles prevented her from getting her daily walks in to help her get healthy.

Dubac was resigned to having to lose weight but felt discouraged before she even got started because of past failed efforts. A consultation with Harrison’s Pat Hall, the owner of Can’t Lose Diet, expedited her path to shed 28 pounds in 40 days.

Dubac considered other diets. “With diets like Weight Watchers, it takes months and maybe even half a year to lose 30 pounds. Atkins is faster but I love vegetables too much to do that diet again. I just couldn’t imagine waiting that long to feel healthy again. I was desperate and tired of being in pain and I wanted and needed faster results,” Dubac said.

Her husband Karl told her about Hall, a business colleague who had successfully lost 80 pounds on a fast fat-burning diet.

No sooner had Dubac started on her diet when the calendar threw her a curve. Franziska’s kids along with their clans rolled in for Father’s Day weekend, which kicked off with a pizza-pool party. Franziska managed to get through the weekend posting a 8 pound loss but then another tricky challenge quickly loomed —an upcoming family reunion which included 2 days of travelling!

Hall developed this list for Dubac to follow:

  • Put yourself first
  • Make the reunion about relationships, not food
  • Plan meals during the trip day-by-day, hour by hour
  • Travel days can be all-apple days (to make eating easy while on the road)
  • If eating out, call the restaurant in advance with your "special request" for preparation with no oils/fats
  • "Cheat well'' if there are dinner toasts (gin or vodka is better than wine – and beer is out)
  • Bring along, or prepare "good" snacks like celery to scoop up a "tuna dip" or CLD salsa sauce recipe, or pop grape tomatoes, or have some fruit handy
  • If eating at a big breakfast, make/order an omelet (i.e., cheating well)
  • Live life to the fullest, enjoy the special events and be intelligent about food choices during the diet!

On Day 44 and final weigh-in, Franziska reported sleeping better, feeling energetic and her ankles are no longer swollen.

“I’m really happy with the weight I’m at now,’ Dubac said. “ I learned so much on the Can’t Lose Diet — I don’t eat packaged foods, and I make my own salad dressing because the store-bought is too fatty.

“I’m glad I didn’t wait for the perfect time to start the diet because now looking back, 40 days is actually a very short timeframe and if I had waited I might never have started,'' she added. "The weight just dropped off.”