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Get To The Root Of Back Pain With Specialized Treatment

The team at the Phelps Spine Institute understands that not all back pain is the same.
The team at the Phelps Spine Institute understands that not all back pain is the same. Photo Credit: Northwell Health

The average American will suffer with some sort of back pain or spinal injury in their lives. However, the root cause and manifestation of back pain is different for everyone.

At the Phelps Spine Institute, we understand that not all back pain is the same. We work with each of our patients to offer a variety of solutions for back issues. While the cause of back pain may vary, we have the same goal for anyone who visits the Phelps Spine Institute – to get you back to your daily life pain-free.

Phelps’ unique approach lies within its all-encompassing ability. The Spine Institute contains spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, physical therapists, pain management specialists, and more, all working under the same roof. Having multiple specialists working together allows us to operate in a manner that allows patients the ability see multiple specialists in the same day, expediting their care.

When any patient comes into the Spine Institute for the first time, our first step is to diagnose the cause of the pain. Your back pain may be related to the spine itself, disc herniation, joint pain, muscular pain, or a handful of other underlying issues. Typically, the cause of back pain is not only one of these issues, but a combination. Ultimately, discovering the underlying causes will determine the steps for successful treatment.

Our treatment approach is a three-step process. After we identify why your back hurts, we seek to determine how to both decrease the pain and increase your quality of life. Following the development of your individual treatment plan, our third step is to prevent this pain from becoming a recurring issue.

Many patients coming into our clinic can be successfully treated with non-surgical options. A common holistic step we urge many of our patients to try is to make initial dietary and lifestyle improvements that can be contributing to their pain and overall health.

Physical therapy is another key component of our conservative treatment options. Our physical therapists are movement experts that will help you understand how your body behaves with pain. They can prescribe you individual exercises and provide hands-on care to alleviate or help you better control your symptoms. Pain relief can come through posture improvements or alternate ways to perform your daily activities in ways that are less harmful to your back.

While about 90% of neck and back pain can be resolved by these conservative management methods, some patients may need consultation with a spine surgeon to evaluate surgical options. We offer a variety of procedures, from epidural steroid injections and nerve blocks to spinal cord stimulation. Our ultimate goal is to improve your pain issues and get you back to your standard lifestyle.

Is back pain preventing you from performing or enjoying your typical activities? If so, it may be time to seek medical attention. If you are experiencing any red-flag symptoms, including severe pain, weakness in an extremity, or loss of bowel or bladder function, you should seek an urgent consultation with a spine surgeon.

If you or a loved one would like to schedule consultation with one of our spine specialists, please call us at (844) 94-SPINE or visit us online at