Eastchester Mom Creates Better Baby Bottle System

Priska Diaz has always been an advocate for breastfeeding. But when she had her first son 10 years ago she was frustrated to find her milk supply was low.

Priska Diaz, the Eastchester founder and CEO of
Priska Diaz, the Eastchester founder and CEO of Photo Credit: Submitted
BittyLab products.
BittyLab products. Photo Credit: Submitted

On her pediatrician's advice, she began supplementing with formula, but even that didn't work. "He was crying for hours and days due to gas and colic, so I began searching everywhere for a solution," she said.

Life became more complicated when her son, who she had desperately wanted to nurse, soon lost interest in the breast and only wanted the bottle.

Which is what led the Eastchester mom -- after much trial, error and research --  to create  Bittylab and the Bare® Air-free feeding system, a healthier alternative to baby bottles. 

With patented Air-plug® technology, Bare® Feeds baby air-free milk (to prevent gas buildup) while in an upright position (to reduce regurgitation of stomach acids into the mouth). 

"The system lets the baby control the flow/pace of feeding [to discourage over-feeding behaviors]," she said.

These advancements, which she says are opposite to what typical baby bottles offer, led to breakthrough clinical findings. Bare® is clinically proven to eliminate acid reflux symptoms in 75 percent of babies in the first two weeks. Together with the Perfe-latch nipple (which mimics the breast), Bare helps initiate, reinstate and extend breastfeeding while supplementing. 

There's also an easy-latch for babies who are bottle-fed. Both nipples offer Flow-Control Technology as each child needs different flow rates. 

The business, which started selling in 2016 (it was registered as a company in 2010), has become Diaz's "baby" and is a long way's away from her previous life as a designer in the corporate world.

"I've always tried to think of creative ways to solve existing problems and design products for production," explained the Peru native. 

Which is why, despite not having a medical background  --- and no idea that an air-free feeding system could have such an impact in mitigating GERD symptoms -- she's often surprised she is where she is. 

The mom of two is now working closely with the pediatric community to develop individual accessories to suit the different challenges babies may have such as cleft palate, aspiration, and so on.

"Moms are asking for breast pump attachments so they can pump directly into the Bare® Air-free container and store breastmilk air-free," she said.  "So we plan to offer pump attachments, freezer caps and Perfe-latch pacifiers for breastfed babies. 

"As the baby grows Bare® can continue to be used. We plan to offer Bare® Air-free zippy cups, Bare® water cups and other products."

Bare® Air-free Feeding system is sold at,, and several independent retailers nationwide. Bare is also distributed in the Middle East and will soon be in other European countries.

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