New Castle Republicans Foregoing Democratic Primary

NEW CASTLE, N.Y. -- Supervisor Rob Greenstein said his Republican slate will not be trying to force a Democratic primary this fall.

Supervisor Rob Greenstein will not be primarying Democratic challenger Kristen Browde this fall.
Supervisor Rob Greenstein will not be primarying Democratic challenger Kristen Browde this fall. Photo Credit: File

The New Castle Democrats unanimously rejected Councilman Adam Brodsky's request to be on the ballot in a September primary. Greenstein and Councilwoman Lisa Katz are registered Democrats and could still force a primary, but Greenstein said they are abandoning their plans. Brodsky is not registered with a political party.

"The Democrats made it clear that when they rejected Adam, they rejected all three of us," Greenstein said. "We never had any intention of proceeding without him. They don't want to give Democrats a choice to decide which candidates best represent the Democratic Party. We wanted to leave that to the voters."

Greenstein said it would be too risky to not have their entire slate run together and possibly put one of his opponents on the town board.  He said he was surprised by the Democrats decision.

"They are geared up for a primary," Greenstein said. "We're not. The people who vote in primaries are the most passionate members of the party. That could've worked to their benefit."

Greenstein has complained the Democrats are misleading voters by calling him a Republican.

Kristen Browde, who is opposing Greenstein for supervisor on the Democratic ticket,  said if you run as a Republican, you're a Republican.

"If you support Republicans, you're a Republican," Browde said. "He supports the most extreme right-wing Trump Republicans and he wants to run away from that. I understand that, but it doesn't work. Who you stand with shows what you stand for and he stands with the Republicans."

Browde said whether voters voted in September or vote in November, the race will be about who has a better vision for New Castle.

"The voters will see a clear choice between a team that actually has a vision for New Castle versus one that pushes things down the road. The Democrats had a choice and they chose us and come November, they will reaffirm that choice very clearly."

Ivy Pool and Gail Markels are running on the Democratic slate for town council.

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