Letter: State Should Hold Hearings On Single-Payer Health Care

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<p>Robert Kesten</p>

Robert Kesten

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To The Editor:

In the piece announcing my run for NYSenate district 40, it suggests I called for approval of single-payer healthcare. I called for hearings, so New Yorkers could determine if this was best for the citizens. This has passed the Assembly 3 times and our state has to take some action.

If the anti-New York tax legislation passes in DC, our healthcare will no longer be deductible, on top of mortgage interest, state and local taxes no longer being deductible. A tremendous burden to the Hudson Valley.

Our state legislature must be proactive, addressing issues threatening our way of life. By claiming “no positon” on key issues, our senator avoids the responsibility we sent him to Albany for.

The senator’s office claims my questions were “of an extreme nature”. They were:

What is the senator’s positions on

A. Charter Schools


C. Medicaid block grants

What is the senator doing to get single-payer legislation debated in the Senate

What research and practical solutions is the state funding on new, reliable and sustainable energy in light of Indian Point is closing

I don’t find this line of questioning “extreme”. I wanted to know where my senator stood on these issues. That is not extreme, it is the question of a concerned citizen.

Robert Kesten

Candidate NYS Senate 40

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