Swastika Found Carved In Bathroom At Westchester High School

A swastika was found carved into a bathroom stall at a Westchester high school, officials said.

A swastika was found carved in a bathroom at Scarsdale High School
A swastika was found carved in a bathroom at Scarsdale High School Photo Credit: File

Graffiti was discovered carved onto a toilet-paper dispenser at the Scarsdale High School on Thursday, Sept. 12, Principal Kenneth Bonamo wrote in a letter to parents.

“Graffiti was discovered in a bathroom stall consisting of a swastika that had been etched into a toilet-paper dispenser,” he wrote. ”This symbol has significant historical and political significance as one of anti-Semitism, hatred, and intolerance. It is often used to express opposition to efforts to build an inclusive, tolerant, and safe society.”

Bonamo noted that because of the location of the swastika, it is “nearly impossible” to identify the person who did it.

“It would be unfair to cast blame widely on the school community, as we know that most of us abhor and condemn acts of hatred,” he said. “Yet the implications are serious enough that I felt obligated to inform you of this discovery, not to give attention to those who acted inappropriately, but to let them know that their actions have no place in our school community.”

The investigation into the incident is ongoing. Anyone with information has been asked to contact Bonamo directly at the high school.

“If even one member of our community feels unwelcome or distressed by this incident, that is one person too many,” he added. “All students, families, and staff members must feel equally included and respected by each of us. Hate speech and scare tactics will not be tolerated and do not represent what we stand for. “

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