Need A New Best Friend? Westchester SPCA Highlights Pets Of Week

The SPCA of Westchester is hoping to unite a local resident with a new furry best friend as they highlight their "pets of the week."

Jeffrey. Photo Credit: SPCA of Westchester
Bunny Photo Credit: SPCA of Westchester
Patches Photo Credit: SPCA of Westchester
Sansa Photo Credit: SPCA of Westchester
Shelley Photo Credit: SPCA of Westchester
Paulie. Photo Credit: SPCA of Westchester
Hunter. Photo Credit: SPCA of Westchester

SPCA officials have chosen some of their finest pets, who are available for adoption and looking for a good home and new family to love. Among the animals spotlighted this week by the SPCA - in their words - include:


  • It’s the Pokey little puppy! Or a little puppy named Pokey! This super cute boy is approximately 6-months-old and he’s a total love. An easygoing, gentle soul of a guy, he gets along with most other dogs and would make a fun friend for kids. He’s super smart and doing great in our basic obedience class.
  • Roscoe is a sweet, petite Australian shepherd mix. He's a little guy who's sweet and gentle. He gets along well with other dogs and would be a fun pal for kids.
  • Pawlie’s level of cuteness is just off the charts. We can’t even focus enough to write a caption! He’s a 4-month-old lab mix, good with other dogs, and just as happy and delightful as he looks.
  • There's a lot of competition for the Iron Throne, but if you think Sansa is going to take any of it lying down... well you might be right if this is the Sansa you're talking about! Sansa is a 1-year-old chocolate lab mix and she's a happy, playful girl who will make a great addition to any kingdom... or, family. Come meet her and make her part of your House!
  • Lou, a 5-year-old shepherd mix is a mellow, mild-mannered kind of guy who likes an easygoing kind of life. He’s no party animal, so he’d prefer a calm, low key kind of home. Maybe with someone who’d like to take leisurely walks then head home for Netflix and snuggles. His previous owner passed away so Lou is very much missing have a home to call his very own.


  • This beautiful Bengal boy is named Hunter. He is around 15-years-young and he’s a friendly, affectionate boy who loves a good lap and turns right back into a kitten when you bust out the wand toys! He’s chatty and expressive and likes to be with his people. Hunter would like a home without other cats and ideally where he’ll be the only animal. Come meet him and fall in love, and give this senior boy the retirement home he deserves!
  • Rain or shine Shelley is more than happy to brighten up your day! This pretty girl is 2-years-old and tiny! She’s like a permanent kitten with her petite little body. She’s a sweet girl who will make a great companion. Come meet her!
  • Patches is a friendly fellow who craves the attention and affection of people. He's approximately 7-years-old and deaf, and he's a total sweetheart! He's been known to pull you close with his paw for snuggles and head rubs. Like the rest of our cattery cats, he's hanging out with a bunch of friends right now, so if you're looking for two cats, come adopt a pair of buddies!
  • Bunny is a 2-year-old boy who is an outgoing sweetheart currently hanging out in our cattery with several other cats he came in with. He is very charming and would love a home with some other feline friends!
  • Jeffrey has informed us that he's not getting out of bed today! This 3-year-old cutie is a bit of a shy guy right now, but all he needs is some soft, kind words and friendly head scratches and he warms up nicely. Come spend time with him and see if you're meant to be lifelong friends!

Those interested in meeting any of these animals can email

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