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Want To Slash That Heating Bill? Now Is The Time To Switch To Natural Gas

For those thinking of switching from oil to natural gas, the summer is the time to start making that plan.
For those thinking of switching from oil to natural gas, the summer is the time to start making that plan. Photo Credit: Contributed

PLEASANTVILLE, N.Y. -- You might not be thinking about winter when summer hasn’t even started, but now is the time to switch your heating from oil to natural gas. Due to demand, natural gas conversions can take up to 3-months to service. Therefore, now is the perfect time to inquire and prepare yourself for the cold winter.

Winters in New York can be bitter, long and expensive. While oil is commonly used for heating, natural gas is a beneficial source of energy. Natural gas is one of the cleanest burning fuels available. When converting to natural gas you reduce your carbon footprint and improve air quality.

A customer of Aborrelli Mechanical, Robin Richards, started the process of oil to natural gas conversion in the spring of 2015. Before the oil to natural gas conversion, her boiler was inefficient and left her home cold on winter days. “I didn’t like the whole idea of running out of oil. Once or twice before, I actually did run out of oil. With gas, you never have to worry about running out,” Richards said.

Oil prices were low for a while but they're on the rise and won’t stay low forever. Converting your heat from oil to natural gas is cheaper and environmentally friendly. “It’s costing me nothing compared to what it was before,” said Richards. “I don’t have to rely on deliveries anymore. With the oil burner, you always had to have someone come in and clean it and such.”

Why should you convert from Oil to Natural Gas?

  • Natural gas is cheaper and saves you money
  • It's less maintenance
  • It's environmental and ecofriendly
  • Natural gas is domestically produced and readily available

There is less maintenance involved with natural gas as opposed to heating oil. Unlike natural gas, oil heat needs pumps, motors, filters and permits. Since natural gas doesn’t need all the gadgets that oil does, it is easier to maintain. Natural gas is also domestically produced and readily available. It is piped directly to your home or building so you won’t have to rely on deliveries.

The professionals at Aborelli Mechanical will make sure that you stay warm this winter. They view all of their customers as neighbors with a satisfaction guarantee on all of their work. “They were wonderful,” said Richards. “There were a couple of days before the installation that were pretty cold. So they brought big heaters in for me to keep me warm.”

Natural gas is reliable, safe and efficient. Not only are you reducing greenhouse gas emissions with natural gas, but you are also making for a cleaner and greener New York. ​