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Help Make Your New House A Home For You And Your Dog

Moving with your dog? Follow these tips for both you and Fido's ease of mind.
Moving with your dog? Follow these tips for both you and Fido's ease of mind. Photo Credit: Zootly

NEW YORK -- You’ve packed away the kitchen, purged your old clothes and have your move day game plan all ready to put in motion. Your're on your way to a successful move. Have you stopped to think about what you’re going to do to ensure your dog’s move is as seamless as your own? While Fido might appear to be happy, the stresses of moving can affect our dogs as much as they can us.

Follow these tips from dog expert and founder of The Dog Haus, Liz Foley, to ensure your dog is as happy as you are in the new place:

 Have Someone Dog Sit During The Move - Dogs are instinctual creatures. Think about the last time you started packing for a business trip or a vacation; they know something is up and try and get in your way or climb into your suitcase. Amplify this stress tenfold as you pack up your house for a move; it's enough to drive them crazy! A great way to keep dogs calm is to have someone dog sit for you on your move day.

Be Calm - As much as we like to think our dogs understand us, they don’t understand our words. Instead, they read energy. Don’t create excitement and get them riled up. This will lead to anxiousness and could start things off on the wrong foot.

Keep Your Dog On a Leash and Show Them Around - Your new home is full of new smells and can be incredibly overstimulating at first. It’s a good idea to keep your dog on leash and introduce them gradually to the home. them. Lead them around those rooms and let them smell, but on your terms. You set the pace.

Allow Your Dog to Rest - After a long day of moving, don’t be surprised if your dog is wiped out. Even if they haven’t been stimulated physically, it’s important then to give them plenty of opportunity to rest. They’ll likely already be on edge as they’re unfamiliar with their new surroundings so maybe now isn’t the best time to play.

No matter if you have two legs or four, Zootly can help with your move. An on-demand moving services app, Zootly lets you locate a moving truck near you, book it, and get your belongings from point A to point B with minimal fuss. Download the app or visit the website today .