Dead Zone? Cell Phone Service In Hudson Valley Ranks Last Nationally

Hey, area cell phone users, sick and tired of not getting any reception during your travels? 

The Hudson Valley ranked last in cell phone reception in a recently survey.

The Hudson Valley ranked last in cell phone reception in a recently survey.

Photo Credit: Flickr user Joi Ito

Well, if you live in the Hudson Valley, it's no surprise to the researchers at RootMetrics who released the results of their 2017 survey this week of all of the major carriers in 125 markets, and guess what? The Hudson Valley ranked at 125, or dead last nationally, when it comes to "Can you hear me now?"

According to the survey, the Hudson Valley was either last or in the bottom five in all six categories tested including overall performance, network reliability, speed, data speed, call testing and text testing. 

In the entire country, the Hudson Valley ranked as the worst for network reliability and call performance, and second to last in data and text performance. The Valley does a tiny bit better for data speed with a ranking of 121 out of 125.

For those who think switching mobile providers will solve their problems -- Wrong -- the rankings were based on an average of all four of the major networks including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon, which all ranked pretty much the same, although some did slightly better in certain categories.

And, if you think those in the big cities, think New York, Chicago, have it better, you would be wrong. New York City came in 74th overall. Other low rankers included Bridgeport, Stamford, and Hartford, Connecticut. 

The best place to live if well, you live for your phone? -- Lansing, Michigan. 

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