Compassionate, Innovative, & Nearby—Northwell Health Neurosurgery Westchester Is Here For You

Over 1.5 million Americans suffer traumatic head injuries each year and roughly 795,000 suffer strokes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And according to the American Cancer Society, just over 25,000 Americans will be diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in a year; if you add in benign (non-cancerous) cases, that number rises considerably.

Northwell Health Neurosurgery Westchester gives community members access to the most brilliant minds in Neurosurgery across the entire Northwell Health system. Photo Credit: Northwell Health

Successful treatments after a fall, stroke, or tumor often depend on timing, expertise and the latest treatments available.

Luckily, there’s a state-of-the-art facility and highly trained specialists right here in Westchester. Uniting Phelps Hospital and Northern Westchester Hospital into one neurosurgery program, Northwell Health Neurosurgery Westchester provides residents with care for which they would have previously had to travel to New York City or beyond.

Dr. Louis Buzzeo, a nephrologist at Phelps Hospital, learned firsthand about Northwell Health Neurosurgery Westchester after a fall left him with a serious head injury.

When a CAT scan showed that Dr. Buzzeo’s injury required intervention, Dr. Yafell Serulle at Northwell Health Neurosurgery Westchester offered to perform a new procedure. Dr. Buzzeo is glad he did.

“I was very impressed with their caring, compassion, and confidence doing this procedure,” added Dr. Buzzeo, who was home that evening and back to work three months later.

A few years ago, this would not have even been an option for Dr. Buzzeo.

“The most fulfilling thing is that we are able to treat patients who are very close to dying sometimes or very close to being very incapable to do daily things,” said Dr. Serulle. “And we’re able to treat them and bring them back to normalcy. I think nothing beats that.”

“We want to build something really special in Westchester. These hospitals are both known for their patient experience,” said David Langer, M.D., Vice President Neurosurgery Western Region at Northwell. “We realized that when you put two groups of people together, provide mentorship, support, you can do really outstanding work at a higher level.”

This higher level includes innovations like new navigational guidance that helps make surgeries and procedures less invasive, all in a more intimate surrounding. Of special note, Northwell Health Neurosurgery Westchester boasts the only gamma knife—used to treat brain tumors and other anomalies of the brain—between Syracuse and New York City.

Dr. David Gordon, Chief of Neurosurgery at Northern Westchester and Phelps, calls the gamma knife a “minimally invasive, highly effective and very safe approach for the management of complex disease processes.”

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