Officials In This NJ City Are Giving Residents Rides To COVID Vaccine Appointments

Municipal officials in this New Jersey city are getting behind the wheel to bring residents in need of rides to their COVID-19 vaccine appointments.

Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis with Susan and Ben Klausner.
Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis with Susan and Ben Klausner. Photo Credit: Mayor Jimmy Davis

Among them, Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis, who recently drove a couple in their 80s to Bayonne Medical Center, reports.

Although Ben and Susan Klausner live within walking distance of Bayonne Medical Center, they feared that the snow, sleet and ice predicted by forecasters would prevent them from getting to the hospital safely.

Susan was among the dozens of local residents who reached out to City Hall looking for someone who might be able to help.

Davis showed up at the Klausner's door -- just in time for their appointment.

As it turned out, Ben’s dad, Sam Klausner, was the owner of Sam’s Confectionery on 4th Street and JFK -- a popular candy store that Davis frequented growing up downtown, he said.

"Many of us spent quite a bit of time in Sam’s store learning how to play pinball and drinking cherry Coke," Davis wrote on Facebook.

"Bayonne has many families whose lives intersect and these stories are part of who we are."

Thanks to Davis, the Klausners were able to safely receive their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The mayor has been urging residents who don't have rides to their COVID-19 vaccine appointments not to cancel. 

Instead, Davis and other Bayonne officials have organized a mass effort to provide residents with rides to their appointments.

Any Bayonne resident in need of rides to COVID-19 vaccines can call (201) 858-6088 or email

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