'Cool' Teaneck Boys Can Enter Reading, Writing Contest

TEANECK, N.Y. -- Reading says, 'You're with it,' the key message contest organizers are sending boys in Teaneck.

Boys in Teaneck are invited to enter a reading and writing contest.
Boys in Teaneck are invited to enter a reading and writing contest. Photo Credit: Facebook

The Cool Boys Read 2016 “Read Along, Write Along” Contest invites children (ages 6 to 16) to “Gear Up for Greatness” by entering a contest.

The two-part contest includes, “Read Along," whereby contestants should think about what they would like to be great at doing. Then they must read and respond to questions on a book about someone who has achieved greatness in that field or a book that provides information on how to improve or excel in that area. 

The book response will qualify the contestant for the “Write Along” portion of the contest. Contestants should write a story or essay of 500 words or less that fits into one of the following categories: 

My Story of Greatness — Write an essay that describes one of your greatest achievements. The essay should describe how long it took to fulfill the accomplishment, the effort it took to achieve it, reflections on the experience, and any future plans. 

Greatness All Around Us — Here’s an opportunity to shine a light on someone whose story we may or may not have previously heard. Interview someone who has achieved something great and share his or her story. 

Going for the Goal — Create a story or poem about someone who strives for greatness and the efforts he or she makes to achieve it. Describe the goal the person sets, the challenges he or she faces in trying to reach that goal, and the outcome of his or her efforts. 

Entries will be judged in the following age groups: 6–8, 9–12, and 13–16 

 Entries are due by July 31, 2016

For an entry form with complete information on how to enter the contest, visit 

Winning entries (announced around Sept. 30) will be published in the upcoming book, "Cool Boys Read, Write…and Gear Up for Greatness."

 Winners will receive a copy of the book and will be invited to the book launch at their own expense. 

Click here for more contest information.

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