Minor Earthquake Shakes Bloomingdale

BLOOMINGDALE, N.J. — A minor earthquake shook Bloomingdale Thursday night.

A minor earthquake was felt in Bloomingdale Thursday night.
A minor earthquake was felt in Bloomingdale Thursday night. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

The 1.6 rated earthquake hit around 8:15 p.m., leading some to wonder what happened.

"I heard what sounded like a short series of booms and rumbling afterward," Elisa Kolenut of Bloomingdale said. "... Almost sounded like bombs going off."

No damage from the earthquake was reported, Bloomingdale Police Chief Joseph Borell said. Police did receive numerous calls from throughout the town.

"Obviously at the time we were receving those calls we didn't know what it was," Borell told Daily Voice.

Tricia Speno Brenkert said it was quick but the sound from the vibrations was loud.

"It felt like the house shook side to side and like something heavy was dropped on the roof," she said.

Cara Mirabella said she heard it while on the phone.

"At the time I just thought one of my neighbors was dragging something to the curb," she said. "Until I got on Facebook I didn't know it was an earthquake."

Meanwhile, Lori Theresa Bakker Peschetti said she didn't feel anything in Bloomingdale.

The quake was felt in nearby Butler as well.

A bigger earthquake hit the area in January.

"We do sit along a fault line but it's not a common occurence by any means," Borell said. "It does happen on occassion but never to the point where we've received so many calls. It's the first i can recall where people reported hearing a bang."

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