Giant Joro Spiders With 4-Inch-Long Legs Headed To NJ, Pest Control Company Previously Warned

Large yellow-and-gray spiders with 4-inch-long legs that can fly through the air are heading to the Northeast and could show up this summer, according to multiple reports.

A Joro spider.

A Joro spider.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia/Christina Butler

Sightings of the Trichonephila clavata species known as "Joro spiders" have already been reported in 10 Eastern states, CBS News says.

A New Jersey pest control company in January had warned that this might happen. 4NJ Pest, based in Flanders, said the spiders act as "pest controllers" in their natural habitats, however, their introduction to not-native species could be detrimental to the balance of local ecosystems.

Native to East Asia, it's believed the insects made their way to the US in the early 2010s according a video by Clemson University's Forestry & Wildlife Resources Department.

Data from a peer-reviewed study led by Clemson University scientist David Coyle shows that the spider is going to be able to inhabit most of the eastern US and "that their comfort area in their native range matches up very well with much of North America."

Though they may look intimidating, scientists say the spiders are timid and not a threat to humans,

"Although the spider is not aggressive, they will bite to protect themselves," says "The bite is considered painful, but not life-threatening."

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