When Tech Goes Awry, Pompton Lakes Business Saves The Day

POMPTON LAKES, N.J. -- Nothing sends your blood pressure soaring faster than a frozen computer, or worse, when it crashes.

Kenneth Freedman of West Milford owns Computrs Inc. in Pompton Lakes.
Kenneth Freedman of West Milford owns Computrs Inc. in Pompton Lakes. Photo Credit: Lauren Kidd Ferguson
Kenneth Freedman owns Computrs Inc. in Pompton Lakes and has been in business there since 1988.
Kenneth Freedman owns Computrs Inc. in Pompton Lakes and has been in business there since 1988. Photo Credit: Lauren Kidd Ferguson

You're in luck if this happens near a Pompton Lakes business where Kenneth Freedman at the helm has been repairing and maintaining computers for decades.

Nowhere near Pompton Lakes? Still in luck. The work can be done remotely. While many Computrs Inc. clients are local and live in Passaic County, many do not.

With the advancement over the past five years of broadband, high-speed internet, clients can receive their computer repair and maintenance service from anywhere, Freedman said in a recent conversation.

The company, in business since 1988, has an eight-person staff to handle calls and walk-ins from new and existing customers.

The business carved its niche by instilling confidence in its clientele, Freedman maintained.

It's a relationship that begins from the moment they step foot in the store or talk to a member of the technical support team on the phone, he told Daily Voice.

"People get a feeling here. We're more like a boutique-style computer repair business where they feel comfortable. With our firm, you walk in, and first thing we ask is, 'How can we help you?' not 'Do we have an appointment?'"

"Then we turn the computer on immediately and attempt to diagnose what's wrong."

Asked how that competes with big stores like Best Buy, among others, Freedman said not at all.

"When I think of competing, it really doesn't happen. When you walk into one of the big stores, they ask you if you have an appointment then there are waits."

One of Freedman's customers had come in after going first to Best Buy recently where he'd been quoted a high price for a repair job and long wait time, according to Freedman.

Computrs Inc. recovered the person's hard drive in just days at two-thirds the cost.

Freedman says when people have a problem with their computers or tablets, they often have a person close to them who they call first – like a brother-in-law, neighbor or friend who is good with technology.

His company serves people who need help with their gadgets when those they rely on don’t have enough expertise to help. 

At a recent visit to the shop, a couple came in who needed help with their iPad, and another man was there seeking help recovering data lost from a computer.

They are on a short list of the array of clients, said Freedman.

"We have customer in Florida, snowbirds. You can get really quality (tech) people in Florida. But nowadays your computer person has become as important as your doctor or lawyer. We offer remote support. In that way we're a true managed provider," he said.

"We're able to monitor or maintain your computer all the time. If you tell me now, 'I'm having a problem with my computer,' I will be able to access to diagnose it in two minutes.'  It's a huge thing nowadays," he said in a phone conversation.

"We can connect to you on a moment's notice, through a security level with your permission."

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