Facebook adopts ‘no ex-es’ photo policy

EDITORIAL: No more photos of exes on Facebook, friends: According to Mashable, FB is banning them from the “Photo Memories” part of your profile. You can thank the group “I Hate Photo Memories,” a group of the jilted who consider the feature “a slap in the Facebook.”

Photo Credit: Cliffview Pilot

The social media site has become such a constant presence in some people’s lives that this group actually took the time and trouble to band together, then built a campaign and forced a change in policy.

As one poster wrote: “I’m still in love and I’m trying to move on but it’s ridiculously hard when every time I log on, their face pops up on the right hand of screen.”

Another: “Photo memories is a good idea but it definitely needs an off button. I’ve recently split from my ex and she’s on them all the time. It’s very emotional and this doesn’t make it better.”

So instead of less intrusion, Facebook is getting MORE involved in your life, choosing who’ll stay and who’ll go.

Of course, if you kept the relationship to yourself, it wouldn’t be an issue. Then again, who doesn’t want to proclaim their joy and display the reason? No one’s thinking of the possible ramifications if the person eventually becomes the bane of your existence.

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