Tale Of Dog Dumped On Maywood Street Ends In Tragedy

The story of a dog abandoned by her owners on a Maywood street has come to a tragic end.

Police are looking to identify the man who tied his neglected dog to a street sign in Maywood and left.

Police are looking to identify the man who tied his neglected dog to a street sign in Maywood and left.

Photo Credit: Maywood PD/Special to Daily Voice

Tsunami, the tan and white pitbull with a large tumor growing in her mouth, was seen by good Samaritans being tied to a street sign along Golf Avenue on Monday evening, July 1.

On Wednesday, July 23, Daily Voice learned that Tsunami will be euthanized this week due to extremely poor health conditions.

Amanda Karpinski, Bergen County's public information officer, said that a police investigation was launched upon Tsunami's discovery, but the search for her owners turned up fruitless. While Tsunami had been microchipped, the phone number associated with the chip had been recycled multiple times. 

Tsunami was taken to the Bergen County Animal Shelter, where a biopsy of her tumor came back positive for cancer.

An oncologist said that in order to remove the tumor, Tsunami's entire jaw would have to come with it given that the cancer had spread. 

The quality of life for Tsunami, who was estimated to be about 10 years old, would not have been great, even with the surgical route, Karpinski said. Sources say surgery could've cost up to $15,000.

Karpinski said that officials were reluctant to put Tsunami down, as county rescuers do anything they can to ensure that an animal picked up can find a wonderful new life with a family.

The police investigation had been closed as of press time, with no arrests made, officials confirmed.


A pair of dog owners were out on walks when they noticed another man out with his dog at Golf Avenue and Stewart Street around 7 p.m. Monday, July 1, Maywood Police Sgt. William Phayre said.

The residents watched in both shock and confusion as the man, described as a black male in his 30s or 40s with shoulder-length dreadlocks, tied his dog to a street sign and left the scene in a black Acura sedan.

Meanwhile, the Good Samaritans approached the dog, who they said was sweet and obedient, with a large tumor dangling from her mouth.

Phayre said the dog exhibited other signs of neglect, including poor hygiene and long nails.

County animal control responded and recovered the dog, Phayre said. A local resident shared surveillance footage of the incident with police. 

Anyone who recognizes the man who abandoned his dog is urged to call the Maywood desk at 201-845-8800.

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