Is NJ's 'Best Burger' Overhyped?

It's more common for White Manna to earn some type of national ranking than not.

White Manna
White Manna Photo Credit: Google Maps

The no-frills Hackensack burger joint, famous for its tiny sliders and building on River Street, has yet again been named the best in New Jersey, this time by "Readers Digest."

While White Manna certainly has its fair share of rave reviews, some critics say the longtime hamburger joint, well, isn't all it's cracked up to be.

"Used to be great went twice in the past 3 weeks and food was trash service was slow and grease was outrageous," one Daily Voice reader said. "Other places have better food they lost their mojo."

"I wonder who they're asking about this?" another said. "Their burgers are OK but nothing to rave about. I would compare them to White Castle's at best. They lack being garnished by other items like lettuce, tomatos, mayo amongst other add ons. They’re OK that’s all."

"If you want to give your taste buds and pleasure center the night off, the White Manna burger shack in Hackensack.. yack..yack...yack...yack is happy to oblige," one Yelper wrote in March 2023. "If it weren't for the cheese you'd be eating (and tasting) a Eucharist wafer on a bun. Sure, it's an institution, but so is Wonder Bread. A hard pass."

In 2020, White Manna was named to the Daily Meal's list of 101 Best Burgers in America. 

The burger joint was founded at the World's Fair in 1939 and specialize in extra-lean, local ground beef, cooked with grilled onions and cheese. The sliders are served on a potato roll and pair well with White Manna's classic crinkle fries and garlic pickles.

To some, White Manna will always be king.

"Over the top burgers do nothing for me, but simple, beef forward, fatty, gooey delicious little sliders sure as heck do," another Yelper said.

"These perfect little bites of burger melt in your mouth. The steamed slider is beyond tender. So satisfying. Crave worthy. And you certainly cannot eat just one. We took our food to the car and scarfed 4 down like it was nothing. They are simply amazing."

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