Student In Glen Rock Among Those Receiving Mass Shooting Threat From Upstate NY: Police

A threat of a mass shooting at a middle school in New York State last week somehow made its way to Glen Rock, where authorities said a student received a disturbing message.

Glen Rock High School
Glen Rock High School Photo Credit: Boyd A. Loving

The Glen Rock High School student went directly to administrators before the day began last Thursday, March 23, to report it, Police Chief Dean Ackermann said.

The threat involved what the chief called “a potential act of violence” at a middle school nearly 75 miles north, in the Putnam County, NY, town of Carmel.

"Hello! Would you like to be a part of a GFMS mass shooting?" sources said a TikTok friend request asked.

Glen Rock police immediately contacted the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and quickly learned that a juvenile accused of sending the social media messages was taken into custody there several hours earlier.

Juveniles aren’t arrested -- they’re detained on delinquency complaints. As with others, the complaint against the particular youth in the Putnam County incident will be heard behind closed doors by a Family Court judge.

This comes a little over a month after TikTok videos were posted depicting a shooting at the middle school in Carmel.Bigoted hatred was spewed and violent threats made against blacks and Hispanics through impersonations of actual administrators through artificial intelligence combined with live footage.

Three high school students are accused of making those videos. However, authorities in Carmel say there apparently were no laws broken nor hate crimes committed. School officials, and not police, were dealing with them, they said.

"We see conduct that needs to be corrected, addressed and punished," one school official there said. "They're not getting a pass."

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