'Honestly Scary': Mid-Air Engine Fire Sends La-bound Plane Back To Newark

A passenger caught images of a mid-air engine fire in a Los Angeles-bound United Airlines plane forced to make an emergency landing at Newark Airport Wednesday night.

Sparks flew after takeoff.
Sparks flew after takeoff. Photo Credit: Gabrielle Guzy (@gabby_guzy)

“Most terrifying experience of my life,” passenger Nicole Adamo tweeted. “Flight delayed 2 hours for Maintence (sic) issues. Flight takes off, Right wing of the plane (where I’m sitting in the aisle seat) sparking & now one engine failed.”

Adamo, a sports and entertainment publicist, continued @Nickilishious:

“They’re making announcements but i can’t hear anything b/c people are screaming.

“They’re circling. Turning around. Trying to land back in Newark.

“My stepdad has worked for @united for 30+ years. He called for me to check. We are going back. People still flipping out.

“I’ve never seen/felt an engine light on fire and burst like this. It was honestly scary.”

"I saw it from the ground and I was terrified," tweeted Dina Iturrey @IturreyD. "Sent prayers up instantly thank God y’all are safe."

Another passenger captured video of the sparks.

“United 1871 from Newark, New Jersey to Los Angeles returned to Newark due to a mechanical issue,” the airline said. “The flight landed safely and passengers deplaned normally.”

All were headed to L.A. before dawn, the statement said.

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