Woman beats on beau befriended by another babe

Say you’re knockin’ em back in a Hoboken tavern when another gal gives you the once-over-twice and your date suddenly clocks you with a flurry of combos. Or you’re out with your guy when he lets some floozy get a little too familiar — so you throw him the old one-two. Was it worth it? These are thoughts left for consideration by, among others, Tiffany Ann Guccione, a Middlesex County College graduate who now stands charged with simple assault.

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It seems the 22-year-old from Iselin (no word on whether she’s heir to the Penthouse empire) was in an unnamed public house in the Mile Square City when another woman sidled up to her man, provoking great consternation by the way he sniffed ‘er.

Next thing you know — according to the local gendarmes — she’s throwing haymakers.

Although one of the shots caught the presumed cad in the left eye, Guccione apparently didn’t step into her punches, as medical attention reportedly was not requested.

Some men may be stirred by the intensity of a woman who’d sooner punch his lights out than squirt him in the eye with lime juice when his attention diverts. On the other hand, some might be shaken enough to say “no mas.”

Tiffany Ann Guccione (Facebook)

Given the results, one would at least hope the aggravating factor that unleashed the Countess of Monte Fisto’s fury wasn’t part of an exit strategy. After all, no
one’s buying the “walked into a door” explanation for his shiner. Then again, the 26-year-old punching bag could always claim he took a dive, as many a gentleman would.

Of course, there are plenty of ladies who would say that’s what the dawg gets for turning his head. Bow-wow: POW!

No word yet on whether a Guccione-Harding undercard is in the works. For more, let’s go to ring announcer Michael Buffer….

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