Torricelli: Fans should root against Eagles and “sociopathic, depraved” Vick

Former N.J. Senator Robert Torricelli says fans should openly root against the Philadelphia Eagles because their newest addition, convicted dogfighter Michael Vick, is a sociopathic, depraved killer and a poor role model for society. Not only that, the Torch says fans should “watch every company that advertises during Eagles games and refuse to buy their products.”

Photo Credit: Cliffview Pilot
Photo Credit: Cliffview Pilot

This comes the same day that authorities announced that they’d broken up a dogfighting ring — in Philadelphia.

SPCA enforcement officers said they discovered two dead pit bulls in the back of the house and five other injured dogs.

“The same man who just left a federal jail on felony counts involving the torturing and death of animals is about to reenter center stage,” Torricelli writes on “That’s quite a message about the state of our culture and the role that NFL wants to play in our lives.”

Michael Vick

“He trained dogs to maul and maim each other until death,” the former Senator wrote. “When he was disappointed in them, he hung them by the neck. Their torture became a means of his entertainment.”|

“Let the Eagles make their choice. You should make yours.

Bob Torricelli


“Decent people should have no part in this charade.”





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