Mass Eatery Makes Yelp's Top 100 Burgers, But There's No Meat In Sight

Just in time for national burger day on May 28, Yelp released its list of top 100 burgers in the US, and a Massachusetts eatery made the cut. 

Although they steer clear of meat, Veggie Galaxy has a burger for every taste bud.
Although they steer clear of meat, Veggie Galaxy has a burger for every taste bud. Photo Credit: Unsplash / LikeMeat

Yelp's list features bigger-than-ever burgers, fusion-style burgers, and some burgers that barely warrant the name (the number 13 restaurant serves up burgers in tortillas), but Veggie Galaxy in Cambridge offers up traditional diner comfort food - albeit with one major twist. 

Veggie Galaxy serves standard diner fare seven days a week, but every dish is made 100% meat-free, and every menu item can be made vegan, according to the eatery's website. 

Its Massachusetts Avenue location has weekly specials and home-baked goods, but the stars of its menu are the delicious burgers that earned it a spot on Yelp's list.

All burgers are served on a house-made bun, with a choice of potato salad or green cabbage slaw, but the burgers themselves offer a variety of flavor experiences. 

Those looking for a classic veggie burger experience can keep it simple with the "Galaxy Burger," made with a beet, lentil, and mushroom patty and is topped with lettuce, tomato, and garlic mayo. 

Those looking for an outside-the-box burger experience can chow down on the "Mac 'N Stack," which sandwiches a crispy fried seitan chick'n filet, tempeh bacon, lettuce, and Sriracha mayo between two mac and cheese waffles. 

Fans of chicken wings need not despair, the vegan "Buffalo Chick'n Burger" gives a similar experience, no fowl required. The breaded and fried house-made seitan cutlet is served with buffalo sauce, cucumber, onion rings, vegan blue cheese dressing, lettuce, and tomato. 

"I wasn't sure how I'd feel about a vegan/vegetarian only spot, but Veggie Galaxy has me convinced," said one Yelp reviewer, who praised the food along with the fantastic service. "Spot on every time... Definitely worth a visit!"

Veggie Galaxy has options besides burgers, with an array of sandwiches, salads, and more, but with burger options like these, why look further? 

Click here to read Yelp's full list of America's best burgers. 

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