Mouse Droppings, Roaches Cause 4 Fairfield Eateries To Close In May

Pests were a problem for four Fairfield County restaurants that closed temporarily after health inspectors found evidence of unwanted critters, or in one case, the critter itself. 

A mouse
A mouse Photo Credit: Sandy Millar via Unsplash

In the Town of Fairfield, a sandwich shop, a pizzeria, and two American restaurants, all voluntarily closed in May after being found to have evidence of mice, according to the town's Health Department inspection documents.

Wich Day Sandwiches, located at 808 Post Road, closed after a health inspection revealed significant pest problems on Tuesday, May 2. 

The inspection report described mouse droppings in the kitchen and a cup of sugar, as well as open rodent bait described on the report as "pellets everywhere." 

Meanwhile, Captain's Pizza, located at 59 Sanford Street, was inspected on Thursday, May 11, and was closed after it was found to have mice droppings on food counters throughout the restaurant.

Health inspectors returned on the following day and noted that droppings were still present. A note on the inspection report asked the restaurant to send weekly pest control reports. 

The owner of Captain's Pizza, Ilhan Eayram, told Daily Voice that he had never had an issue before this in 33 years of work.

"It's the first time this happened," Eayram said. 

Craft 260, an American restaurant located at 260 Post Road, was shut down after mouse droppings and roaches were found in the kitchen following an inspection also on May 11. 

"We have completely corrected the items in the health department inspection," said Ermal Dido, a representative for the restaurant. "We have taken preventative measures to ensure that these issues do not reoccur in the future."

Local Kitchen and Beer Bar, a tavern-style American restaurant located at 85 Mill Plain Road, was inspected on Tuesday, May 16, and closed due to "excessive mice activity."

Mouse droppings were found throughout the dining area, the bar and server station, the food storage area, and in the liquor area. A dead mouse was also found in a trap.

The Town of Fairfield changed its rating system to align with the FDA code in February, and no longer doles out "passes" or "failures." Instead, restaurants are informed if they are in or out of compliance on any specific health item.

If out of compliance with a specific health item, the restaurant is given a specific amount of time to correct the issue. Issued deemed "crucial priority items" can lead to the closure of the restaurant, either voluntarily or by the health department. 

All restaurants were contacted by Daily Voice prior to publication for comment. 

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