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Confessions of an Omnivorous Fairfield County Couple

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn - For Dan and Kristien Del Ferraro, eating has become a labor of love. Their wildly successful food blog, OmNomCT, is less than two years old, but it has already won multiple awards and has a regular monthly readership in the tens of thousands or more.

The premise for the blog is simple: An omnivorous couple endeavors to eat things delicious, and tell the world. Or, as they describe it on their blog, “Om nom, from the Greek for cuisine noise. An onomatopoeia, if you will. Or simply put, the noise we make when we’re chomping on something yummy!”

Born from a shared devotion to delicious food, the Stamford couple hatched their idea. “I kind of initiated it,” says Kristien. “Danny is an English teacher and has always wanted to write. And I’m definitely tech savvy. My day job is in the digital sphere, social media, marketing,” she explains. “And we’re both Italian which means we’re definitely lovers of good food. So, I said we should start a blog.”

The story goes that Dan was hesitant at first. But as the ideas simmered between them, the more excited he became. “So, we said, ‘let’s just try it,” says Kristien. And on Oct. 31, 2010, the couple launched the blog with an overview of Riviera Maya, a Mexican restaurant in Stamford, which they scored at 3.5 “noms,” which lands it squarely between “good and reliable, like a Snuggie” and “Excellent, eat here often because it rules!” on the OmNom rating scale.

Since then, the couple has found that Fairfield County foodies have quite an appetite for their musings. The dining duo has made a recognizable name for themselves among the food savvy eaters and restaurateurs in the area. And the couple chalks their popularity up to their approachable voice and honest opinions. “We decided from the outset to really tell it like it is,” says Dan of their restaurant adventures. “We try not to be jerks about it,” Kristien is quick to add. “We try to stay humble. But we’re not going to rave about something if it stinks.”

At the end of 2011, they announced the “OmNomys,” a list of their favorite places they ate during the year. While the list incorporates plenty of names that don’t surprise the regular diner, it also names several restaurants just off the beaten path, such as The Fez, Stamford’s low-key Middle Eastern spot which they named as “Best Ethnic” restaurant. “Never a bad meal here,” they write. “The Fez has a fun mixture of Moroccan/French/Mediterranean influence in their food. Lots of great entertainment going on, too.”

But Dan and Kristien are quick to point out that there are still plenty of restaurants they have yet to try. “We’re not qualified to say we cover all of Fairfield County,” says Kristien. Dan adds, “It’s a goal.”

The spring of 2012 finds Dan and Kristien with plenty of food left to savor, sample and digest into palatable, blogworthy morsels for their Fairfield County readers. The couple graciously agreed to take time out of their busy eating schedule to answer a few questions about their OmNomful adventures.

Meaghan Morelli: You guys seem to clock an awful lot of restaurant miles. How often do you two eat out?

Kristien and Dan Del Ferraro: Although our friends on our social media networks swear it's seven nights a week, we try to keep it to two.  We have to keep our girlish figures, you know?  

MM: Do you guys ever try to replicate a dish you've tried at home? How does that work out?

K&DDF: We always buy cookbooks on our travels and try to replicate the dishes that we've had on vacation. While they oftentimes taste good, somehow they are never quite as good as when you're totally free from obligations and have all the time in the world to enjoy them.  

MM:  If you could have any chef at your disposal, who would it be, why and what would you have him/her make you first?

K&DDF: We've had lots of success making Giada De Laurentiis's recipes, so we have to imagine if we can make them taste good, she must make them 100 times better.

MM: As regular restaurant diners, what etiquette tip would you give other restaurant guests?

K&DDF: Be kind to your waiters. They are busting their humps for you, and oftentimes for not a lot of money.  So, friendly diners can really make their day.  

MM: What do you love most about food/being foodies?

K&DDF: Oh man, what is there not to love?

MM: Some would say knowing how to eat well is an acquired skill. How would you tell an aspiring foodie to get started?

K&DDF: Dan was one of those kids that separated everything on his plate so they wouldn't touch and he'd only eat about a fifth of what his mom gave him. Over the years, he's pushed himself to try new and sometimes very daring food. We truly believe people's tastes evolve each year, so something you didn't like 10 years ago might be something that you like now. Don't order the same thing!  

MM: What kind of restaurant do you think is missing in Fairfield County?

K&DDF: We consider ourselves very lucky to live in Fairfield County, as there are so many different kinds of restaurants to enjoy. This is a tough question, but we're thinking Argentinian because we're big fans of South American food.

MM: Spill it--are you guys working on a book?

K&DDF: Yes, we're calling it How to Gain 20 Pounds in Two Years.  We're halfway there.  

MM: Which restaurant is next on your list?

K&DDF: Kristien gets these uncontrollable urges for seafood in the summer.  So, we're definitely going to hit up Westfair Fish & Chips in Westport!  

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