CT Residents Weigh In On Lamont Job Approval In Brand-New Poll

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont’s disapproval rating has hit 40 percent, according to a newly released poll from Sacred Heart University’s Institute for Public Policy.

Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont
Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont Photo Credit:
Ned Lamont's disapproval rating has reached 40 percent.
Ned Lamont's disapproval rating has reached 40 percent. Photo Credit: Sacred Heart University

Do You Approve The Way Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont Is Running The State?
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Do You Approve The Way Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont Is Running The State?

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According to the poll, two-fifths of Connecticut residents “disapprove” of the way Ned Lamont is performing as governor, including 64.1 percent of Republicans and 47.8 percent of unaffiliated voters. Lamont has a 24.1 percent disapproval rating among Democrats that were polled.

The poll found that the highest percentage of residents “approve” the way the governor is handling healthcare at 29.6 percent, while the lowest number of residents approve the way he’s handling taxes (16.2 percent).

With electronic tolling on Connecticut highways on the horizon, the poll determined that 51.3 percent of those polled support them if the state guarantees funds would go into a transportation lockbox, only to be spent on transportation infrastructure improvements.

Other facts from the poll include:

  • High levels of “support” existed for raising the state income tax on individuals earning $500,000 or couples earning $1 million (70.2 percent).
  • 84.5 percent of respondents reported it is important to them, as voters, that Governor Lamont keeps his campaign promise, that if elected, he would not raise income or sales taxes.
  • 66.5 percent “support” a 2 percent tax increase on investment earnings of single filers earning $500,000 or more and couples earning $1 million or more.
  • 50.5 percent reported they would prefer the State worked to close the current budget deficit by “reducing spending” over only
  • 4.1 percent who suggested “raising taxes” is the best course of action.

The complete poll can be found here

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