Newtown Voters Head To The Polls

NEWTOWN, Conn. — Voters in Newtown will cast ballots in the town's general election to be held Tuesday, Nov. 3. Races and candidates on the ballot include:

Newtown First Selectman Patricia Llodra is running unopposed for re-election.
Newtown First Selectman Patricia Llodra is running unopposed for re-election. Photo Credit: Contributed

First Selectman:

  • E. Patricia Llodra, Republican Party


  • Herbert C. Rosenthal/Democratic Party
  • William F. L. Rodgers/Republican Party

Legislative Council District 1(vote for any four):

  • Christopher C. Eide/Democratic Party
  • Judit DeStefano/Democratic Party
  • Paul J. Lundquist/Democratic Party
  • George Ferguson/Republican Party
  • Joe Girgasky/Republican Party
  • George C. Guidera/Republican Party

Legislative Council District 2 (vote for any four): 

  • Eva Bermudez Zimmerman/Democratic Party
  • Jennifer R. Padilla/Democratic Party
  • Daniel T. Honan/Democratic Party
  • Mary Ann Jacob/Republican Party
  • Dan Wiedemann/Republican Party
  • Ryan W. Knapp/Republican Party

Legislative Council District 3 (vote for any four): 

  • Christopher Smith/Democratic Party
  • Daniel J. Amaral/Democratic Party
  • Philip Carroll/Republican Party
  • Neil Chaudhary/Republican Party
  • Anthony R. Filiato/Republican Party

Board of Finance (vote for any six):

  • Aaron Carlson/Democratic Party
  • James K. Filan/Democratic Party
  • James O. Gaston/Democratic Party
  • Kelley Johnson/Democratic Party
  • Mark Boland, Sr./Republican Party
  • Sandy T. Roussas/Republican Party
  • David Ruhs/Republican Party
  • John Godin/Republican Party

Board of Education (vote for any three):

  • John N. Vouros/Democratic Party
  • Rebekah Harriman Stites/Democratic Party
  • David Freedman/Republican Party
  • Andrew Clure/Republican Party
  • Board of Assessment Appeals:
  • Maureen Crick Owen/Democratic Party
  • James McFarland/Republican Party

Planning and Zoning Commission (vote for any three):

  • Corinne Cox/Democratic Party
  • Jon DelPozo/Democratic Party
  • Michael F. Porco, Sr./Republican Party
  • James Swift/Republican Party
  • Robert Mulholland/Republican Party

Planning and Zoning Commission Alternates (vote for any three):

  • Barbara Manville/Democratic Party
  • Roy Meadows/Republican Party
  • Fred Taylor/Republican Party

Zoning Board of Appeals (vote for any three):

  • Ross P. Carley/Democratic Party
  • Charles Annett/Republican Party
  • Tim Cronin/Republican Party

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternates (vote for any three):

  • Joseph Bojnowski/Democratic Party
  • Jane Sharpe/Republican Party
  • Stephen Singlak/Republican Party

Police Commission Full Term (vote for any three):

  • Joe T. Faxon/Democratic Party
  • Daniel Rosenthal/Democratic Party
  • Brian Budd/Republican Party
  • Virgil Procaccini/Republican Party

Police Commission to Fill Vacancy:

  • Robert Myer/Republican Party

Board of Managers of Edmond Town Hall Full Term:

  • Anna Wiedemann/Democratic Party
  • Marie Smith/Republican Party

Board of Managers of Edmond Town Hall to Fill Vacancy:

  • Jennifer Chaudhary/Republican Party

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