'My Mother Was Everything To Me': Jennifer Dulos' Children Speak Out For First Time

The children of the slain Connecticut mother of five, Jennifer Farber Dulos, spoke for the first time on Friday, May 31, during the sentencing of Michelle Tronconis, who was found guilty of helping to cover up Dulos' murder.

Jennifer Farber Dulos

Jennifer Farber Dulos

Photo Credit: New Canaan Police Department

Troconis, age 49, the girlfriend of Fotis Dulos, the estranged husband of Jennifer Farber Dulos, who is believed to have killed her, was found guilty in Stamford on Friday, March 1, of all counts, including conspiracy to commit murder, hindering prosecution, and evidence tampering. She faces up to 45 years in prison.

According to ABC News, Petros Dulos, who was 13 when his mother died on Friday, May 24, 2019, said in court during impact statements, "I've been left with a hole inside of me I know I will never be able to fill."

"My mother was everything to me. But during the divorce, I became very bitter with everyone around me, especially mom, because she was always trying to help me," he said. "This meant that I hurt the person closest to me because I didn't know how else to voice my pain. 

"The defendant's actions mean I will never be able to tell my mom how sorry I am for not being a better son when she needed me. I will never be able to tell Mom how proud of her courage I am. Most importantly, how much I love her. This fact haunts me every day."

The trail to sentencing for Troconis began the day Jennifer Farber Dulos disappeared after dropping off her children at school. 

Prosecutors believe Fotis Dulos rode a bike to her Fairfield County home in New Canaan, hid in the garage, and attacked and killed her when she returned. He then disposed of her body with the help of Troconis. 

Jennifer Farber Dulos' body has never been found, and she has been declared legally dead. 

Fotis Dulos killed himself in January 2020 when faced with returning to jail.

Since their mother's death, the five children have lived with their grandmother, Gloria Farber, in Manhattan and the same nanny they had in New Canaan.

Daughter Christiane Dulos, who was 10 at the time, said in court that after her parents separated, she asked her father about cheating on her mother. She said he responded, "When you really love somebody, sometimes you can't wait," ABC News reported. 

Christiane Dulos added, "Michelle Troconis, to me, is the reason I feel completely lost and alone on nights when I cannot sleep. She's the reason why I blocked out my childhood, and that day so much I can barely remember it. She's the reason kids at school look at me with pity, the reason my teachers say 'guardians' and not 'parents.'"

Theodore Dulos, who was 13 when his mother was murdered, said in court, "My life now is nothing like it used to be. I no longer have my mother, my hero. I'll never talk to her again. I'll never do my homework with her again. I'll never ask her for advice again."

"Michelle, you caused this damage," he said. "You not only knew about but conspired to murder a daughter, sister, friend, and mother of five kids. That day, you took away five children's source of comfort, our protector. You showed no remorse, and you've yet to show any." 

ABC News said he then asked Troconis to reveal the location of Jennifer Farber Dulos' body.

More than 11 people have asked to speak before the actual sentencing takes place. 

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