COVID-19: Rise In CT Cases Among Young Adults Sparks Concern

A new rise in the number of COVID-19 cases in younger people has officials in Connecticut concerned.

Governor Ned Lamont's latest COVID-19 briefing. Photo Credit: Governor Ned Lamont
The breakdown of Connecticut COVID-19 cases.
The breakdown of Connecticut COVID-19 cases. Photo Credit: Connecticut Department of Health

According to the state Department of Health, during the week of Sunday, July 5, people between the ages of 20 and 29 had the highest infection rate, seconded by people aged between 30 and 39.

The latest numbers are in stark contrast to the previous three months, when the group was the fourth-largest and those over 80 years old were the second-biggest group.

Those over 80 are now one of the lowest age groups for new infections.

The spike in cases after sometimes mask-less crowds could be found at Connecticut beaches and Fourth of July celebrations.

“We are seeing a trend of younger people beginning to get the virus and we are attributing that partially to their relaxed behavior,” Ridgefield First Selectman Rudy Marconi said. “When we first saw a rise in town numbers back in April and May, everyone worked together to take precautions by wearing masks, sanitizing their surroundings, and limiting the size of any groups they were in.

“It worked and in the past couple of weeks, we have only had a handful of cases,” he added. “But what worries me is that those cases could spike if we don’t continue our efforts.”

According to Ridgefield Health Director Ed Briggs, Connecticut towns are seeing a rise in COVID-19 numbers, especially in the lower age groups.

“There is a good reason why the governor has ordered travel restrictions and asked people not to congregate,” he said.

Since the pandemic began, 613,569 Connecticut residents have been tested for COVID-19 resulting in 47,750 positive cases and 4,389 fatalities. There are currently 66 COVID-19 patients hospitalized in Connecticut hospitals.

In the past 24 hours, Gov. Ned Lamont said that 11,453 new tests were administered, with 114 (0.995) returning positive. There were no new COVID-19 deaths reported.

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