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Chip Away at Student Loans with Price Chopper & Market 32!

Sponsored by our friends at Price Chopper & Market 32

For many college graduates, student loans are a significant financial burden that can feel overwhelming. Whether you're juggling multiple loans or working with a tight budget, finding ways to reduce your expenses and make a dent in your student loan balance is essential. Thankfully, there's a resource that can help you save money on everyday essentials and stretch your budget further: Price Chopper and Market 32. While we are your local grocery store, we are so much more than that. We are your community partner and want to help families dealing with student loan debt.

This is all made possible with your AdvantEdge Card.

You can chip away at student loans by using Rewards Points earned by using your AdvantEdge card. For every 100 AdvantEdge Rewards points you redeem for a student loan payment, it will deduct $1 from the student loan of you or a loved one. That is right; you can help out a family member who may be struggling with loan debt.

While it may not seem like much, these points applied to a student loan payment can add up sizably over time!

We are proud to say that your AdvantEdge card can be used for even more than the student loan payments. Redeem AdvantEdge Rewards points for exciting things like sweepstakes entries, charity donations, money off your order, or even money off your next gas bill!

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