Eversource Customers Hit With Increase On Their Electric Bills

Eversource has drawn the ire of its Connecticut customers who have just seen a sudden uptick in the price of their electric bills.

Eversource customers have seen a rise in their electric bills.
Eversource customers have seen a rise in their electric bills. Photo Credit: Pixabay

There was an uproar from customers after seeing a rate increase earlier this month due to what Eversource says is a state-mandated agreement with the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant to purchase power.

The rate increase took effect as of Wednesday, July 1. According to reports, some customers have seen their bill increase by more than $100.

As part of a deal to keep the Millstone Nuclear Plant from closing early and taking one-third of the state's electric supply with it, the utilities agreed to pay approximately $125 more for Millstone's power.

"This is state-mandated," an Eversource spokesperson state. "This is based on state legislation approved and announced in 2019. It’s a power purchase agreement between us and the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant. That's the increase on the delivery side of our customers' bills.”

Connecticut politicians have blamed the utility company for the rise in costs, with some calling for a legislative hearing on the matter.

In a joint statement, House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz, Majority Leader Matt Ritter, House Energy and Technology Committee Chair David Arconti said: "Connecticut residents, already pushed to financial limits because of the pandemic, now are seeing large increases to their electric bills.

“We want to know why. The Energy and Technology Committee should schedule an informational hearing in the near future to hear from ratepayers, utilities and state regulators.”

Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano added that “we need answers from Eversource, not more rate increases and excuses.”

“Lawmakers should hold a hearing to get answers from Eversource on why customers are seeing rates go up yet again. We need to hold Eversource accountable and have them answer our questions without dodging or placing the blame elsewhere,” he added. “Connecticut has some of the highest energy costs in the nation and Eversource continues to increase rates year after year. “

A petition protesting the rise in rates was also started by a Connecticut resident, which garnered more than 76,000 signatures in just a few days.

“Eversource always has an excuse to raise rates,” Fasano said. “They raise them when we use a lot of electricity, when we conserve energy, when there are storms, when there are tree clearings, and the list goes on.

“At the same time, Eversource is making ridiculous suggestions like unplug everything and raise the temperature in your home. That is an unacceptable response. The public deserves better."

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