Unveil A Party Pleaser With Debi Lilly Design Dessert Bar

Transform holiday dessert with a dessert bar! Guests love to mix and mingle over dessert, so style an interactive sweet table full of bite-size tastes. Use debi lilly deisgn™ products, available exclusively at your local ACME, and shop your favorite treats for a custom dessert bar, all while you pick up your holiday groceries.

Setting up a dessert bar is a great way to make sure every guest gets exactly what they want this holiday season. Photo Credit: ACME

Use debi lilly design™ footed vases, ribbons and chargers to create a DIY dessert bar filled with all your favorite colorful ACME Markets sweet treats. It tastes as good as it looks!

Shop debi lilly design™ at ACME, and discover more décor inspiration at

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