Clearview Products Help Builder Bring In Sound Views For New Westport Home

WESTPORT, Conn. -- Builders of homes along Connecticut’s shoreline go to great lengths to invite in the beauty of Long Island Sound. The most important element in producing those wonderful views is combining craftsmanship with quality products.

Clearview, Inc. of Bridgeport provided windows and doors for a newly-constructed home in Westport.
Clearview, Inc. of Bridgeport provided windows and doors for a newly-constructed home in Westport. Photo Credit: Contributed

A newly-constructed home at Edgewater Hillside in Westport illustrates the importance of quality construction in a shoreline setting. Southport builder Matt Conners , of Conners Development, LLC used Marvin Ultimate windows and doors from Clearview Inc. of Bridgeport in constructing the home.

The Marvin Ultimate line provides the highest quality, especially important for a home that sits close to the water. The products feature a maintenance free clad exterior and contemporary design for a clean, crisp look. Advanced engineering in the line make the windows and doors incredibly durable, versatile and easy to use.

Windows were particularly critical in building the Edgewater Hillside home. Architect David Preusch used large casement and awning windows in nearly every room in the house, which includes four bedrooms and over 4,000 square feet of living space. Gorgeous views of the water fill the house, along with lots of natural light. The French swing doors open to link the home’s interior with its natural environment.

High quality is especially important in coastal construction, where homes are subject to conditions such as hurricane force winds, driving rain, and endless sun. The windows and doors also need to be highly energy efficient to protect the home in harsh winter weather and summer heat.

Conners found what he needed at Clearview in a stylistic component as well. On a real estate listing it is said the house’s “sleek lines and incomparable design offer a stunning marriage of waterfront Zen and Manhattan chic.”

Interior doors also provided an important detail to the home’s construction. Conners chose Simpson MDF doors from Clearview, to blend modern materials and technology to deliver architecturally-true products that fit any interior style. They are made from highly refined medium density fibreboard, which is a stable and abundant wood fiber material.

Clearview, which has been family owned and operated since 1972, is a Fairfield County provider of Marvin and Simpson products as well as other manufacturers. Clearview employs a professional staff to support the sales and installation of windows, doors, and other specialty building supplies such as mirrors, glass shower enclosures, skylights, and storm doors. It also has a commercial glass and storefront division.

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