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Travel Guide Names Three NJ Attractions as Top Summer Attractions

Let’s face facts; the state of New Jersey is best known as a hotbed for offline casino gambling, while it has also become a leader in North America’s iGaming market (offering both online casino gameplay and remote betting to punters).

Travel Guide Names Three NJ Attractions as Top Summer Attractions

Travel Guide Names Three NJ Attractions as Top Summer Attractions

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The iGaming market is definitely booming in NJ, and you can read more about this topic here while also appraising the best US online casinos in the state and further afield.

In terms of offline gambling, it’s interesting to note that no Atlantic City casino made into the top 150 things to do in the US this summer, at least according to the online travel guide Travel Lemming. However, the list did feature three popular New Jersey hotspots, one of which even made the top 10!

But which attractions were featured, and what sets them apart from other NJ highlights? We’ll explore all this and more in the article below!

The NJ Lottery Festival of Ballooning

I’ll start with New Jersey’s top entry in the list, with the iconic NJ Lottery Festival of Ballooning ranking as the seventh best summer highlight in the whole of the United States!

As the name suggests, this event focuses primarily on hot air ballooning, while it’s the largest summertime event of its type in North America and takes place annually at Solberg Airport.

Between July 28th and July 30th every single year, around 100 colourful and eye-catching hot air balloons take flight twice daily, once in the morning and again as the sun begins to dip towards the horizon in the evening. This can make for some spectacular views, and attendees both local and from across the globe are invited to bring a chair, sit back and enjoy a truly unique slice of NJ entertainment.

Interestingly, 2023 will see the 40th annual renewal of this stellar event, and this will also feature rides, street food vendors from a range of cuisines and a live music itinerary that features some iconic names. These include KC and The Sunshine Band, Fitz and the Tantrums, Lit and Everclear, so the event is also a must-see for music enthusiasts and those of you who love a good outdoor party in the blazing New Jersey sunshine!

According to the festival’s executive producer, Howard Freeman, the event has “long enjoyed providing people with a unique experience that lasts a lifetime”, and the 2023 iteration will only add to this legacy. The fact that it’s ranked as the seventh best summer activity stateside is also telling, and it’s highly recommended for families and couples of all ages!

Mutiny BBQ

Located in the picturesque heart of Asbury Park in New Jersey, Mutiny BBQ is a much-loved outdoor entity and summer hotspot for all the foodies among you!

According to Travel Lemming, a trip to Mutiny BBQ also offers the 145th best summer activity in the United States in 2023, which is no mean feat for what is essentially a restaurant that’s narrowly focused on delivering delicious and finger-looking food.

On the menu are all of your classic BBQ favourites, from savory wings and crispy fries to tender ribs. However, it’s the sheer quality of cooking and preparation that sets this restaurant apart, with all meats cooked to perfection (depending on how you like it, of course) and an incredible level of seasoning and presentation on show throughout.

So, despite being a relatively small location, Mutiny BBQ delivers a big menu and even bigger flavours, and it should definitely be on your bucket list when visiting NJ during the summer months!

Bolero Snort Brewery

Food and drink go hand-in-hand, so it makes sense that this list should also include New Jersey’s much-loved Bolero Snort Brewery.

Ranked 142nd on Travel Lemming’s detailed list, this venue offers access to an incredibly diverse range of ice-cold beers, which are served in a genuinely relaxed atmosphere that can make hours pass as though they’re minutes!

Ideal on a warm, sun-kissed summers’ day, a trip to the Bolero Snort Brewery in Carlstadt can be both refreshing and immensely fun in equal measure, whether you want to order a pint or four of your favourite beverage or try a flight of four beer samples to explore the full range of the available menu.

While food isn’t served alongside your choice of beer, you’re free to bring your own, while upstairs at the location you’ll find a spacious seating area and even picnic benches where you can relax, sup on your beverage and catch the rays of the sun!